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Turning Ideas Into Gold

Through innovation, machines heavier than air can fly, ships heavier than water can float, and businesses selling only vapor-ware can make billions. Somewhere and sometime in history, some geniuses had such great ideas and had figured out ways to turn them into gold.
How can you turn your IDEAS into GOLD?

This book is not for the faint-hearted. It is for those who want action, for those who want to turn their innovative ideas into gold, and for those who want to sell hot vapor for gold.
This book is a practical guide that contains:
  • Real life stories
  • Proven methodology
  • Innovation tools and templates
  • The innovation journey
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Cases from both Asian and international perspectives
Our story on innovation began during the dark days of the Asian Economic Crisis where I used innovation to generate thousands of ideas that saved my team from retrenchment and grew millions of dollars with my team at Hewlett Packard.
Can you save your team from the Global Economic Recession? It is not about the extent of the crisis or the lack of opportunities. It is about your ability to generate ideas to innovate your way out of the recession. It is about your ability to turn ideas into gold.
This book shows you the trodden path, warns you of the pitfalls, and helps you reach your destination faster and with minimal resources.
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