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Turning Ideas into Profit

This is an exciting new book that highlights the best from top Asian trainers, coaches and consultants. It consists of 13 chapters as follows:

  1. From our last episode (Book 1: Turning Ideas into Gold)
  2. Profitable Value Creation Ideas by John Seah
    • Create Value Sell Value
  3. Profitable Design Thinking Ideas by John Seah
    • From Opportunities to Outcome
  4. Profitable Coaching Ideas by Simon Lee
    • Strength Based Coaching
  5. Profitable Consulting Ideas by Tan Heng Meng
    • Think Backward and Move Forward
  6. Profitable Sales Ideas by Benjamin Cheng
    • From Objections to Opportunities
  7. Profitable Networking Ideas by Mervin Yeo
    • Beyond Handshakes
  8. Profitable Assessment Ideas by Karoliina Valkamo
    • Measuring for Success
  9. Profitable Communication Ideas by Karen Foo
    • Motivating and Challenging the Gen Y
  10. Profitable Self Management Ideas by Andrea Brandle
    • Reigniting a Can-Do Attitude
  11. Profitable Strategy Ideas by Leo Qi Jun
    • The Six Ts of Strategy
  12. Profitable Service Excellence Ideas by Christina Wong
    • Sustainable Edge in Service
  13. Special Report: What keeps CEO up at night? by Derrick Kon

This book was on sale at Popular, MPH and Kinokuniya bookstores for SGD$38.00

It is included as part of the participant’s text in the WSQ Sales & Value Creation Workshop

Order direct for SGD$38/book, or call (65) 6648-4439. We provide free postage in Singapore