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Bidding and Winning Tenders

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Are your sales account managers always busy bidding for tender yet yielding very little results?
  • Are you competing merely on prices whenever your clients throw out a tender?
  • Are your sales team selling into too technical details, competing feature for feature during a tender?
  • Do you wish to increase your tender success rate?

If your answer is YES to any one of the above questions, this workshop is for you.

Intended Audience: Major Account Managers, Senior Sales Representatives, Business Managers, Services Sales Managers, Product Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Pre-requisite: This is an advanced class for major account managers or high-end sales representatives who frequently participate in numerous tenders (government and commercial), bidding with a variety of products and services into major accounts. To benefit fully from this course, participants should attend the “Value Creation and Services Selling” foundation class.

Workshop Objectives:

In this dynamic and motivational course, we will share with you:

  • How to assess an opportunity and judge if the opportunity is real and if your organization can win it?
  • The various activities which MUST be done prior to any tender in order to maximize the chances of success
  • The various strategies which can be adopted to bid and win a tender
  • What the different tier of Client’s management and understanding their respective needs
  • How to sell higher, beyond the technical managers and the purchasing managers.
  • What to write in the winning Executive Summary that delivers an impact
  • What to watch out for in the clauses within the tender
  • And lots more.

Workshop Outline:

The training agenda are as follows:

  • Introduction to Tendering
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • The Six Bidding Strategies
  • The 3 Tier of Customer Management
  • Selling High
  • How to be a great Solutions Sales Person
  • Pre-Tender
  • Tender Clauses
  • An Insider’s view to tendering
  • What to write in the tender?
  • Post Tender Activities
  • Case Studies

Teaching Methodology: This highly motivational and dynamic workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, role-plays and discussions.

Duration: 2 Days