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Value Creation with Alien Zoo


Teambuilding workshop - space odyssey

Customers do not care how hard you work on their projects. They care only about how much VALUE the projects deliver to them. What is Value? How can we create value for our customers?

At the end of this exciting workshop, participants will be able to:

  • understand what is value
  • find customer’s and customer’s customers Most Urgent Most Important Needs (MUMIN)
  • plot the customer needs value chain
  • learn from real life case studies


As part of the experiential learning activities, participants will learn how to create value, to negotiate for the best price and to earn bonus $ from their customers by

  • Forming the specific alien zoos
  • Achieving industrial goals for their clients and leveraging of the aliens’ unique capabilities.


Duration: 1 day

Minimum Participants to run = 10 pax

Date: 17th June or 22nd or 29th June 2016

Time: 0900am to 1700pm

Price = $550 /pax

Inclusive of 2 tea-breaks and lunch

This is a powerful team-building game about:

  • Knowing the customer’s requirements,
  • Planning organizational objectives
  • Dealing with partial or unknown information
  • Working as a team
  • Making critical decisions
  • Winning in an ever-changing market environment

The scenario begin when humans has traveled extensively through space and have colonized the planets within the Solar Systems. The participants will be divided into Planet Colony, lead by a Planet Commander, assisted by the Base Managers, Researchers and Diplomats.

Round 1: Alien Zoo

In the first round, our Earth HQ has issued a desire to build alien zoos around the Solar System. Numerous alien species are found and are scattered across the Solar Systems. Many of them are owned by other competing Planet Colonies. Many more species are not even known to humankind.

Each planet colony can need to

  • Strategize /plan their objectives,
  • Assign roles to the team,
  • Research for alien related knowledge
  • Search to buy/sell aliens
  • Fulfill their Alien Zoo objectives to make the most gold for their home planet

This is an exciting game where participants learn how to work as a team to fulfill their organizational objectives, equip with partial information, execute fast actions and make wise decisions in a fast changing market environment.

Round 2: Industrialization of Aliens

Humans found that aliens have special capabilities.  Your Earth HQ is excited about the potential to leverage on the alien creatures capabilities to solve specific human industrial problems.

Once again, the Planet Commander will lead his team to:

  • Search the Solar System for both known and unknown aliens
  • Research for critical knowledge about which aliens have what special capabilities
  • Match the specific alien capability to solve your stake-holder’s business requirements.

Intended Audience:

These are a highly interactive workshops designed for the entire organization (from directors, managers and staffs) who want to build team spirits within their functional or organization work units.

Workshop Methodology

This dynamic and exciting workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, problem solving, discussions and games.

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