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Space Odyssey: Rocket Launch


An ODYSSEY is not just a journey. In an odyssey, the participants know where they are, where they want to go to, but not necessary how to go there.

In a space odyssey, the astronauts, explorers and scientists may set sail towards a noble mission, its course driven by a sense of adventure, but its actual flight path may be plagued by problems and failures.

To embark upon this exciting journey, participants will be divided by different roles and teams, namely:

  • Launch Engineers
  • Service Desk Agents
  • Technical Support
  • Operations Manager
  • Rocket Scientists and
  • Mission Controller

Lead by the Operations Manager, the Launch Engineers, the Service Desk and Technical Support must work together to fix the incidents as quickly as possible. Meanwhile the Rocket Scientists must design the next generate rocket to fulfill the needs /requirements of the Mission Controller, yet balancing the constraints of mass, power and science returns within a pre-defined budget.

This is an excellent team-building game, where participants need to work together

  • across functions,
  • across job roles,
  • across processes, and
  • across time-frame to lead, to win and to fulfill their mission towards the betterment of human kind.

team-building workshop

Workshop Objectives

At the end of this workshop, the participants will learn how to:

  • Align their individual functional goals with the overall organizational goals
  • Work better together, across functions and roles to fulfill the organizational goals
  • Critically examine their existing processes and find ways to improve them
  • Work within the constraints of costs, capacity and customers requirements
  • Apply the ITIL concepts to improve their services and processes for their customers

Workshop Content

  • Introduction to Space Odyssey
  • Rocket Launch 1 / Design Rocket 2
  • Debrief and Learning
  • Preparation for Launch 2 / Design Rocket 3
  • Debrief and Learning

Intended Audience:

This is a highly interactive workshop designed for directors and managers who want to build team spirits within their functional or organization work units.

Workshop Methodology

This dynamic and exciting workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, problem solving, discussions and games.  The Space Odyssey Game is a real-time and card base game.

Ideal team size = 12 – 20

Workshop size = 12 to 100 participants

Workshop Duration:

Half day version           2 launches

One full day version      3 launches plus some team-building activities

Two day version           3 launches plus indoor / outdoor team-building and creative thinking activities.

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