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Building Teams Across iPORTS

Won’t it be great to build a highly cohesive, greatly motivated team? You can!

However, teamwork usually fails in staffs from departments, in between different job roles and through different processes. That’s why Everest Innovation invented “Building TEAMS ACROSS PORTS” games. These highly dynamic and exciting games emphasize on building teamwork :

  • across PROCESSES
  • across ROLES
  • across TIME and
  • across geographical SPACE

We have the following “Building Teams Across PORTS” workshops that can be customized to suit your learning needs, participants’ profile and participants’ size. Our events range from half day to two days, either in Singapore or Johor, Malaysia.

Click the following links to go to the respective themed team-building workshops

1) Space Odyssey: Rocket Launch

2) Space Odyssey: Alien Encounter

3) Service Desk Management Game

4) Close Quarter Self Defense

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