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Pre-Sales Technical Professionals Skills

Workshop Description: Presales consultants are the life-lines of sales organizations, especially high-tech companies with sophisticated solution. They are supposed to be the business-oriented technical professional who excel in translating technical features and functions into benefits.

However, many presales technical professional, especially those who are new in this field, are ill-equipped and do not have the know-how of matching clients need to the benefits offered by their complex solutions.

This course is designed to impact consulting skills to presales consultants and specialists so that their technical knowledge will be unlocked to meet their clients’ differing needs.

Intended Audience: Pre-sales consultant, Solution Architects, Project Leader, System Analyst and other technical professionals involved in the sales process.

Pre-requisites: Participants with some sales or pre-sales working experience will benefit most from the course.

Workshop Objectives:

At the end of the workshop, participants will be:

  • Communicate with client effectively
  • Analyze clients’ needs accurately
  • Organize effective oral and written presentations
  • Assist the sales person to articulate the value proposition and sales closure

Workshop Outline:

  • The consultative sales model
  • Phase 1: Earning the right to sell
  • Phase 2: Understanding Client’s need
  • Phase 3: Architecting solutions and making recommendation
  • Phase 4: Complete the sales
  • Essential consulting skills: Sizing up prospect, listening, questioning and interpersonal skills
  • Solution architecture model
  • Writing effective proposal

Workshop Methodology

This fun-filled and dynamic workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, role plays, group discussions and multimedia presentation. Several case studies and real life examples will be discussed.

Workshop Duration: 2 or 3 Days

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