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Supervisory Management Skills

Everest4This workshop is specifically designed for employees who have been newly promoted to a supervisory or management position. IT helps the participants improve his/her people and management skills and equips him with practical ideas for optimizing the most important resource in the organization – people.

Intended Audience: Supervisors and first-line managers, especially those who have been recently promoted to supervisory or management positions.

Pre-requisites: Nil

Workshop Outline:

  • Key Responsibilities of a Supervisor / Manager
    • The planner, organizer, leader and motivator of people
    • Balance getting work done though others and self
    • Effectiveness vs efficiency
    • Using the 80/20 principle
  • Holistic Management
    • Managing and motivating oneself
    • Attitude of a mental winner
    • Focusing on the positive aspects
    • Creative approaches to problem solving and decision making
    • Setting goals
    • Developing a holistic approach
  • Motivation
    • Appreciating the intrinsic joys and value of work
    • Motivating oneself and subordinates to give good service
  • Handling subordinates’ problems
    • Skills of a good coach
    • Training subordinates to perform tasks effectively
    • Counseling skills
    • Handling grievances, discipline and personal problems
  • Interpersonal relationship skills
    • Relating effectively
    • Assertiveness skills to achieve win/ win result
    • Resolving conflicts
  • Delegation
    • Deciding what to delegate and what not
    • Delegating to the appropriate person
    • Communicating the task and authority
    • Overcoming typical barriers
  • Leadership
    • Application of classical theories
    • Qualities of a good leader
    • Leadership styles
  • Managing your boss
    • Understanding, adapting and managing your boss
    • Becoming an effective intermediary between your boss and your subordinates
  • Teambuilding
    • Building synergy among team members
    • Understanding team dynamics
    • Using the strengths of each team member
    • Building an effective and cohesive team

Teaching Methodology: Demonstrations, audio-visual presentations, individual and group exercises, skills practice sessions, games and self discovery questionnaires will be used.

Duration: 3 days