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Turning Ideas into Gold : Innovation Training & Consulting Portfolio


Through Innovation, everything is possible.

To transform a traditional organization into a highly innovative organization, the management team and staff have to be trained on HOW TO TURN IDEAS INTO GOLD. Our series of workshops are designed to lead the participants through the following phases in the Wheel of Innovation:

  1. I, the Innovative Mindset:
  2. Innovation Statement
  3. Ideas Generation
  4. Ideas Selection
  5. Incubation
  6. Investment Decision
  7. Implementation
  8. Iteration

Our portfolio of innovation workshops is as follows:

A) Turning Ideas into Gold: Essentials

This is the introductory 2 day workshop covering the essentials of how to embrace innovation to turn ideas into gold.

It covers the essential topics on:

  • Innovation Mindset
  • Innovation Statement
  • Ideas Generation
  • Ideas Selection and
  • Incubation

The key “WOW” factor of this workshop is that the participants should be able to generate 1000 ideas in 30 minutes! The emphasis is on Ideas Generation and Ideas Selection phases.

B) Turning Ideas into Gold: Management

This 2 day workshop is designed for the management team to lead their team from Innovation Statement phase to Investment Decision.

It covers all the essential phases, presented from the management perspectives and with emphasis on the formulation of Innovation Statement and on making Investment Decisions.

C) Turning Ideas into Gold: Selling Ideas

This is an optional add-on workshop to Workshops (A) and (B). It focuses on how to sell your innovation ideas to senior management or judges. This is ideal if you are preparing your team for innovation competitions or for presentation to senior management for their support and funding.

D) Turning Ideas into Gold: Facilitator

This is a workshop program designed for companies who want to groom their participants to be facilitators for “Turning Ideas into Gold” program and to guide their own participants through the innovation journey.

E) Strategic Innovation

If you are in the senior management or a strategic long range thinker, than Strategic Innovation will help invent the future of your organization and your industry.

F) Turning Ideas into Gold: The Everest Challenge

This is a comprehensive organization–wide program for companies who want to lead their teams from the conception of the idea to the fruition of the innovation. It consists of a series of workshops, consulting and coaching sessions for the management team and the participants.

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