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Turning Ideas into Gold: Facilitator

Innovation Scenario

Your organization has embraced innovation for a few years now.  There are several projects running throughout the year, but not all the projects are successful.  Some of the seemingly promising project teams somehow were not able to convince the management to invest in their ideas, or their ideas did not bear the promised fruits.

You wonder what went wrong.

  • How can you help these teams?
  • How can you help them to spot mistakes before it is too late?
  • How can you guide them through the innovation journey?

Workshop Description:

This workshop is suitable for selected facilitators to learn

  • The Skills Set to facilitate the innovation teams
  • The Tool Kit to use to guide the teams through the innovation journey
  • From actual facilitation during the workshop

Intended Audience:

Innovation Activists, Facilitators, Managers, Innovation Implementers and Champions

Workshop Content

  • Introduction to Facilitation
  • The Art of Facilitating Innovation programs
  • Facilitation exercise
  • Trainer’s and peers’ evaluation
  • Innovation Toolkit
    • Ice Breakers
    • Ideas Generation tools
    • Ideas Selection tools
    • Ideas Incubation tools
    • Ideas Selling tools
    • Investment Decision tool
    • Ideas Presentation tools

Workshop Methodology

This is a highly interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, discussions, brainstorming and facilitation exercises.  There will be several occasions for each participant to practice their facilitation skills and techniques taught.  Each participant will receive evaluation from the trainer and from their peers.

Workshop Duration:

3 days (facilitation skills and innovation training)

2 days (facilitation skills only)