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Customer Service Skills for Technical Professionals

CustomerServiceWorkshop Description: During every service call, a frontline staff has to perform two tasks:

  • Fix the problem accurately and quickly
  • Handle the customer professionally and with a WOW!

Thus every frontline staff should have these foundation skills in order to do their job well. Participants will learn how to understand and handle the customer needs, issues and problems under various scenarios. Essentially, they should be able to handle the customer and delight them as part of their service calls.

Intended Audience: Service Desk Agents, Customer Support Engineers, Customer Service Managers, Operations Managers, System Support, Network Professionals and all Customer Facing Staff

Pre-requisites: Participants with a few years customer-facing experience will be able to appreciate this course fully.

Workshop Objectives:

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the different factors affecting customer service
  • Master the various techniques for satisfying customers
  • Acquire the skills of active listening and able to ask the right questions
  • Apply the appropriate communication techniques to meet the varied needs of the customers under different scenarios
  • Identify the different types of difficult customers and use the appropriate techniques to handle each of them
  • Understand stress, its cause and how to manage it

Workshop Outline:

  • Introduction to Customer Service
  • Service Mindset
  • The Unspoken Language
  • Effective Telephone Techniques
  • It’s NOT what you say, it’s HOW you said it
  • Active Listening and Questioning techniques
  • How to say NO professionally
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Role Plays

Workshop Methodology: This interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instructions, discussions and role-plays. Participants are encouraged to bring their real-life customer related problems to the class for discussions and problem solving workshops.

Workshop Duration: 2 Days

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