helping you create value, manage people and sell solutions

Customized Programs

We offer Consultancy and Coaching packages on:

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Value Creation and Sales
  • Customer Services

Over and above our training curriculum, our consultants can help organizations achieve their business objectives or fix business issues through our structured methodology. We can customized our services to meet your business needs through the following phases:

  • Snap Shot of current situation
  • Customization
  • Training Delivery
  • Coaching
  • Review

a) Snap Shot of Current Situation

This is an initial phase where the Consultants will work with the Client’s Managers to observe, listen, interview and monitor the respective Frontline Staff handling customers using their current skills before the training.

Estimate: 1 – 2 days

Review, Scripting and Customization

Using the output from the Snap-Shot sessions, the Consultants will work with the management to formulate, fine-tune and recommend the case studies, role-plays and FAQ to be used during the actual training. This activity will be performed off-site.

Estimate: 3 – 5 man days

Training Workshops

Customized training based on selected courseware and customized role plays or case studies.


The effect of knowledge retention over time by the participants after attending the workshop and subsequent coaching sessions is shown in the graphs shown. For sustainable behavior change, we recommend:

  • Two coaching sessions for the participants where:
    • Coaching I : Application of Skill Sets,
    • Coaching II: Proactive-ness
  • Coaching sessions for the managers so that they can be an effective coach for their staff from Coaching III onwards

b) Management Reviews

This is a debriefing to the management team on summary and observations found during the delivery of the entire program, highlighting the improvement shown before and after the program and recommendations for next set of actions.