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2018 SSG SkillsFuture Credit Courses

From 2016, every Singaporean has received a $500 SkillsFuture Credit from Workforce Development Agency. This is for you to attend workshops to:
  • To develop your skills
  • Realise your fullest potential,
  • Fulfil your dreams.

Is $500 SkillsFuture Credit too little? How can I maximize it?

  1. Besides your SkillsFuture Credit, you are also entitled to WSQ Subsidy. The amount depends on your age.

If you are fortunate enough to be 40 years and above, you are entitled to 90% funding for our WSQ workshops. This means that, with $500 SkillsFuture Credit, you can attend up to $5000 worth of workshop!

If you are fortunate enough to be Young and Sweet (below 40 years old), you are entitled to 50% funding, capped at $15 /hour.

Everest’s SkillsFuture Workshop Series

We have two exciting series workshops for individuals. You can choose to attend any one workshop or the entire series of workshops to learn and to achieve your goals and aspirations:

1)  “Business Innovation & Growth (BIG)” Series

    • WSQ Innovation: Turning Ideas into Gold – to help you innovate innovative ideas for your business
    • WSQ Sales & Value Creation – to help you understand your customer’s Most Urgent & Most Important Needs (MUMIN) so that you can package your products & services to fulfil those needs
    • WSQ Effective Negotiation Skills – to help you negotiate better to defend your price and close the deal profitably
    • WSQ Turning Presentation into an Encore! – To help you present to customers with a WOW!
    • WSQ Creating Business Plan with an Impact – To help you plan your business profitably

2)  “Project Management Professional” Series (awaiting WDA approval)

  1. WSQ Project Management -Scope (approved)
  2. WSQ Project Management – Time (approved)
  3. WSQ Project Management – Cost
  4. WSQ Project Management – Stakeholder
  5. WSQ Project Management – Quality
  6. WSQ Project Management – Risk
  7. Project Management Professional Exam Prep (non-WSQ)

3) Leadership & People Management Workshop Series

  1. Decision Making & Self Mastery   LPM-PER-401C-0 Approved
  2. Coach & Develop Team Leaders LPM-DEV-401C-0 Approval
  3. Manage Innovation & Change- LPM-CHG-401C-0 Approved
  4. Cultivate Workplace Relationships LPM-RLT-401C-0 (delivered by Partner ATO)
  5. Strategy & Leadership – LPM-VIS-401C-0 Under Development
  6. Plan & Achieve Results -LPM-RES-401C-0 Under development

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