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Self Defense in the Workplace

Not knowing self defence is like not buying insurance. Like fire or flood, aggressive situations can catch us at our most unprepared moments, threatening ourselves, our staffs in the office as well as our love ones at home.

Recently, we have been engaged by airline companies to train their pilots, flight stewards and stewardesses on the “Art of Close Quarter Self Defence”. Equipped with our techniques, two or more well-trained “sweet and gentle” flight stewardesses can overcome an aggressive big size passenger in a life-threatening situation.

If you are a Human Resource Manager, or a General Manager, how can you equip your staffs with the skills and techniques to protect themselves from:

  • Desperate robber at your supermarket cash registers or bank lobby?
  • Disgruntled students inside your lecturer’s room?
  • Retrenched employees seeking revenge inside your workplace?
  • Strangers loitering in vicinity when staff goes home after working late at night?



Organized in a fun learning environment, our team-building workshop enables your management and staffs to “work as a team” to:

  • Assess the situation
  • Strategize your moves
  • Overcome the “aggressive threats”
  • In an efficient and effective manner.

This morale-boosting kicking-and-punching program is suitable for everyone: Young and old, strong or geek.


Participant Size: 12 – 20


  • 1 day version = $550 /pax
  • can combine half day self defence with half day other teambuilding like Alien Zoo or lectures on Innovation or Value Creation or Business Strategy

Venue: Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Meals: 2 x tea-breaks + lunch

Dates : 17th or 22nd or 29th June 2016

For enquiries or registration, call hotline: (65) 6648 – 4439

Or email:

Pilots and Flight Stewards /Stewardesses learning self defense