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Turning Ideas into Gold: Essentials Workshop

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    Workshop Description

    Consider these scenarios:

    1. You are in the midst of an important project when you encountered a tough problem, don’t you wish you can generate a few ideas to resolve the situation?
    2. You are leading an Innovation and Quality Circle (IQC) team, how can you generate ideas and select an award-winning project?
    3. Your current process is inefficient and obsolete; your boss wants you to find a better way. How are you going to find new ideas to improve it?
    4. Your major customer expresses the need for a unique solution and looks upon you to help him create it. How are you going to think out-of-the-box to help your customer?

    If these scenarios are familiar and close to your heart, then this workshop is for you.

    In this fun and highly interactive workshop, you will learn the powerful innovation tools, techniques and templates to generate 1000 ideas within 30 minutes!

    Recommended Workshop Size: 20 pax

    Workshop Objectives

    At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

    • Understand the differences between productivity, creativity and innovation
    • Convert Ideas Killers into Ideas Growers
    • Understand the various phases in the Wheel of Innovation
    • Utilize the various Ideas Generation Tools, Techniques and Templates to generate 1000 ideas in 30 minutes
    • Systematically select the best of the best ideas out of the 1000 generated
    • And lots more.

    Workshop Content

    • Introduction to Productivity, Creativity and Innovation
    • Ideas Killers and Ideas Growers
    • The Wheel of Innovation
    • The Innovative Mindset
    • Formulation of Innovation Statements
    • Ideas Generation Techniques
    • Ideas Selection Technique
      • o Perspective-Criteria Matrix
    • Incubation Technique – P.E.N.S.
    • How to sell your innovation ideas
    • Presentation of Ideas
    • Case Studies from:
      • Brain-writing
      • SCAMPER
      • Related and non-Related words
      • CPF
      • MinLaw
      • Singapore Prison Services
      • Hewlett Packard


    • 1 copy of “Turning Ideas into Gold” book worth $59 at Kinokuniya
    • 1 copy of Participants’ manual
    • Prizes for the winning team

    Intended Audience:

    This is an essential workshop designed for all directors, managers and executives who want to TURN IDEAS INTO GOLD. It is suitable for anyone who seeks better and faster ways of generating innovation ideas, resolving problems and/or optimizing opportunities.

    Workshop Methodology

    This dynamic highly interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, problem brain-storming, discussions and games. Participants are encouraged to bring their real-life ideas / problems to the class for discussions and ideas generation.

    Workshop Duration:

    2 days


    —       Training venue within walking distance from MRT

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