helping you create value, manage people and sell solutions

How to Create, Value-Add and Sell your Innovative Ideas

Consider these scenarios:

  • You have a great idea and you know it will revolutionize the industry, how are you going to present it to your senior management to gain support?
  • You have achieved success with your special project and now you have a burning desire to spin it off into a private venture. Where will you start? How can you convince the venture committee to fund your endeavor?
  • You have found a different way of doing things and it will save your company thousands of dollars, how are you going to convince your team and change the way people work?
  • You realized that the world has changed and you need to capitalize on the change in order to be ahead of the race. How are you going to do to achieve this?

If these scenarios are familiar and close to your heart, then this course is for you.

Audience: Senior and general management, Managers and Senior Executives of Civil Service and Public Administration, CEO of startups companies, corporate planners, sales and marketing managers, business managers, inventors, R & D engineers and anyone who need to create, build and groom ideas and projects into greatness.

Workshop Objectives

This dynamic, fun and motivational course will teach you how to:

  • Take your idea and critically evaluate its potential
  • Find ways to create and to build values around your idea
  • Position your idea
  • Turn your ideas into concrete products or services
  • Find the customer segment who will pay for your product or services
  • Present to your senior management or funding committee to gain support and the much needed funds to grow your idea
  • And lots more.

To maximize the learning benefit and value-add, students are encouraged to bring in their most interesting business or technical ideas for the class to brainstorm and to use as case studies. Each participant can look forward to bring back great practical tips on how to turn their ideas into reality.

Workshop Outline

  • The Creation of a Dream
  • Selecting right projects
  • Ideas Generation methodology
  • Value-Adding to your idea
  • Quantifying your ideas
  • Ideas Convergence techniques
  • Presenting and selling your innovative ideas

Methodology: This interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, discussions and brainstorming exercises. Participants are encouraged to bring their real-life ideas, projects, goals, dreams and problems to the class for discussions and ideas generation.

Duration: 2 Days